The Best You Expo 2017 with Sukhi Wahiwala

Join Sukhi Wahiwala at the Best You Expo on 4th-5th March 2017

Unlock your hidden potential and profit

Wealth & Riches Workshop Room 5 – 5th March

This internationally acclaimed Workshop, is brought to you by Sukhi Wahiwala, an established Multi Millionaire, International Speaker and Private Mentor to over 500 successful businesses and individuals.

During this Interactive and Participative Keynote you will learn ways of Dynamically Inspiring your staff members, bosses, children and family to be the best they can possibly be, while allowing Yourself to Unlock Your, Hidden Potential in the days coming.

Sukhi’s presentation is about understanding Why You Do and Act Like You Do, with the power of bringing the unconscious into the conscious. Learning the basics to unlock your un-noted potential and more effectively connect, inspire and bring others to peak potential.
Becoming more motivated, getting yourself and others out of Procrastination and into a position of taking action.

Through his unique scientific methodology in psychometrics you’ll quickly identify the characteristics and personality traits of others, enabling you to more effectively interact, connect and communicate in an empowering way, just by adapting your own behaviours and language.
Even making it simple to Sell without Selling.

You’ll understand why employing certain key members – you must get the Right Person – in the Right Job, so saving thousands in finding the correct people, instead of spending thousands on the wrong candidate.
So achieving the best productivity from work colleges, while accelerating sales and company growth exponentially. These non-judgmental techniques working just as effectively whether within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or any other

So do You Want to be More Effective in your Relationships with others, Communicate Better with everyone you meet, Negotiate Better Deals and come to agreements faster? then Come Along and Learn Some Basics to help you Achieve this.

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