How To Mine Your Prospects Mind

In this strategy to turn your Internet traffic into paying customers, you want to concentrate on the person buying, the sales prospect, rather than the product. Your sales prospects can determine what lures will work best for you in converting visitors to customers, but for that you really have to understand your demographics.

If you haven’t done some sort of market research in your demographics, you will want to do that. In face-to-face interactions, the demographics are the people you visit to market with your products, but online it is not as obvious who is visiting your site and why. So, you will want to gather some information through surveys, hiring market research for demographics, checking out the statistics of your website logs, and also using social networking to get a better feel for who might be interested in your products.


To understand the unconscious desires that may be lurking in a sales prospect’s mind, you need to interact with them and start to get to know them. Some people do this with surveys, by offering a freebie in exchange for visitors filling out a survey. However, that’s not going to give you a full view as many people refuse to fill out surveys. So, the next option is to get the people who visit to interact in a forum or group where you can ask questions, see what people are talking about, and get a general feel for who is showing up to your website.

So, start out by gathering information on anything that might appeal to your customer. In social networking places like Facebook, this is a pretty simple thing to do. You just look through the profiles that people draw up in a network and that tells you a lot about what motivate people who join certain groups on Facebook. But, you also have to direct your market research to your product interest too.

So, say you are trying to find out the subconscious motivations of people who are visiting your pet site. There are the obvious reasons that they are interested in pets and pet products. But, that doesn’t determine the subconscious motivation that may get them to buy your pet products. For that, you might want to know more about your visitors. Do they have hobbies? Are they having safety issues? What about where they live, is there something there that might make it more appealing to have pets or more important to have pet products?

At the end of your research into this issue, you may come up with a couple of different ways to implement the strategy, once you have a good idea of some underlying motivations that might be driving traffic to your website.

Then, you simply either provide the solution to this unconscious desire by providing services that match your target market’s needs. You will want to do that by writing online copy that expresses how it solves their needs, by selling the benefits first. But, if you have done your homework well, you will be pushing a trigger button that gets immediate attention and can result in an instant sale purely from understanding the psychology of why your customers buy.

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