Hammering out a deal

In all aspects of business life we find ourselves negotiating – to achieve a sale, to purchase raw materials, to acquire a service or to hire an employee.

But how sound is our technique ? Do we respect the same disciplines when buying and selling?

Put your negotiating skills to the test at the next meeting of the Inspired Business Club which is in Peterborough on Thursday (21 May) evening.

The  session will kick off by looking at the seven standard sages of a negotiation and will identify  some clues as to what makes an excellent negotiator.

Then you will be placed into threes – a seller, a buyer and an observer, who will all work together on a transaction.

You will receive individual briefs (seller, buyer and observer) which the other members of your trio cannot see.

A 20 minute negotiation then takes place between the seller and the buyer, with the objective of hammering out a deal which is acceptable to both parties.

Meanwhile, the observer watches the behaviour and makes notes with which to lead the subsequent review.

The Inspired Business Club kicks off with buffet food and refreshments at 6 pm at Inspired House, 4 Lincoln Court, Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 2RP. If you’d like to attend please  register in advance – click here.

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