Dress for Success

There is one very important, yet simple rule in the worlds of sales. How you look is how you are perceived. In other words if you want to be seen as a consummate professional who is on top of their game, then you have to dress like one. Likewise, if you look like you could care less about your appearance, then your customers will, very likely, care less about what you are trying to sell them. Your appearance and demeanor are your calling card. It is how you are known. You need to make very sure that you are being seen the way you truly intend to be seen.

We, as people, rely very strongly on our sense of vision. It is the most acute of our five senses. There is a straightforward and easily understandable reason for this – our vision helped us to survive.

We evolved in an environment that was rapidly changing, in an evolutionary sense. A wet climate that supported jungle was becoming drier. Therefore the jungle was receding and being replaced by savannah. Our ancestors were living in the tension zone between the dense growth of the jungle and the relatively open space of the savannah. In this type of environment, acute vision became paramount for survival. You needed to be able to see a threat or an opportunity from a distance in order to avoid it or capitalize it, depending on the circumstances.

As a result we developed wide angle, stereoscopic vision, along with an enhanced ability to perceive pattern and color. This superior vision brought us to where we are today. In fact, each and every one of us still depends upon our vision to make important decisions each and every day.

We unconsciously use our eyes to make thousands of minute determinations. We are experts at quickly sizing up a situation or a person based on these determinations. Facial features, body posture, tone of voice and adornment, including clothing, all play a part in helping to make a snap judgment, usually with a few seconds of meeting a person.

In sales this means that you have one chance, and only one chance, to make a good first impression. If you miss that chance, there is little you can do to regain the high ground on the eyes of your potential client or you will have to work really really hard. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you look and act like the sales machine you intend on becoming.

Anything less and you will greatly decrease you chances of closing the deal.

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