“Creating a Buying Process for Sales Closers”

Us sales people are an egotistical lot !

We talk like we know it all, believe some of our own propaganda, yet secretly know that we have not got it cracked !
When it comes to the sales process we either “know it all, been there, done that, got the T shirt” and are a “sales process junkie” or we tell you it differs from client to client, everybody’s different, so “I just use my brilliance and charm to sell how I think they should be sold to” !

So, as a Sales team Leader, Sales Director or Business owner (all of which I have been, and still am, aswell as a lifetime sales closer) we are left wondering whether to “leave them to it” and just get “better leads” or “incentivise” them, or to try and force some kind of process down theirthroat because we secretly know three truths of our own :-
•    Sales Conversion tells me my sales team are skipping vital steps but won’t admit it !
•    I have to get a uniform measurable process in place but don’t want to make them “robotic”
•    I have to find a way for them to help me build it, and “buy in” so we all sell more !

If you can relate to any of the above then here’s how I took a direct sell kitchens business from £5million sales pa with a Lead – Sale Conversion of 1 in 17, to a £10 million sales pa business with a lead – Sale Conversion of 1 in 8. This took 24 months. We were the envy of our organization and our industry, all our leads were cold, and we didn’t have a kitchen brand. The team I built is the best team I have ever worked with. We are still very close to this day. What we achieved is the stuff of legend – FACT !

Rule No1 :- A Sales Process is a “Buying Process” !
Rule No2 :- The whole sales team needs to create, build, launch and lead it !
Rule No3 :-  You all need to meet every week to evolve it and improve it !

Blank piece of paper time, forget everything you know, put all your sales experience aside, get into a state of “I know nothing of selling”. Be the buyer of your products – get into their head totally, see through their eyes, hear through their ears, think their thoughts. Now write down as quick as you can in no particular order ALL the things you want to know, see, feel, think, touch, taste, experience, get, be – before, during and after buying your products. If you are a left brainer a list will suit you perfectly. If you are a right brainer, get a load of post it notes, all different colours, and write each thing on 1 post it note, stick it on an empty wall, and keep going until you can think of nothing else the “buyer” ie you ! needs before, during and after buying your stuff.

Next, when your list is done, or your wall is full, put them in order. Start first with obvious categories….  Before the appointment – meeting the sales person – the first few minutes – stuff you want a salesperson to understand – what’s most important to you – what you want and don’t want – stuff you want to hear about, see, feel, touch – options, spec, testimonials, guarantees, price, offers, service etc.
Once you have the obvious categories, populate them with each individual item, so you now have the beginnings of a “buyers process”. Here is an example from the kitchen business we built :-

•    Be smart, scrub up well, smell great, feel great, complete your pre-match routine in FULL
•    Be fractionally early so you knock on the door bang on time
•    Have a friendly knock / bell ring (not 3 knocks or 1 ring)
•    Stand back from the door and at 45 degrees
•    Smile and humbly introduce yourself
•    Wipe your feet on the mat just a bit longer than normal
•    Take your shoes off (no silly socks !)
•    Don’t try to “schmooze” – don’t try to sell yourself –  BE yourself
•    Sincere compliments only, sincere comments only to build rapport
•    Remember F.R.O.G.S. to find out what they care about in life

This was just step1 of 12 that became our mantra, our recipe for success !

So, complete your own process, in full, in private just for you, and as you do notice how motivated you are about the possibilities – knowing that IF this all happened on every lead, the customers would get the “buying process” that they want and need, your people have a “sales process” and you double your sales – you will feel mega motivated. BUT, the exercise is just for you. It is NOT what you are going to force on your team ! This exercise was to give you, their leader, a taste of it’s power, and to get you into a place where you can’t wait to get your team together and do the exercise afresh with them – over a full day in a great atmosphere !

Rule No2 :- The whole sales team needs to create, build, launch and lead it !

Scrub out a full day. Get every single person in your entire sales team off appointments, preferably get every person in your whole organisation involved if you really want to transform your sales – seriously – do it – what you hypothetically “lose” in 1 day of having everybody in a meeting – you gain beyond measure as a result !

Tell them the story of what caused you to want to do the exercise, what you did, what you found whilst doing it, how you felt, and what you think and feel they will experience if they all do it together today afresh. Explain your goals and motives. Keep your own list / process to hand so you can volunteer / steer the process where needed, but let them create it.

Same drill, listwriters or post it noters – split into groups of each, with leaders, scribes, presenters.
Run the process right to the end, exactly as you did. Decide on every single step, sub steps, materials needed, sales tools, the complete works !

Watch the change in people, observe the dynamics, prepare to be amazed. Just encourage and steer.

At the end of the day when you have all got your final “Buyers Process for Sales Closers” you need to praise them sincerely, thank them sincerely, and ask them how they felt before the day, at the start of the day, during the day at each stage, and how they feel now – you will be amazed – motivation and buzz will be massive !

Agree a launch date, and agree group / team rules for following the process, and measures for developing / adapting the process / daily feedback etc.

Rule No3 :-  You all need to meet every week to evolve it and improve it !
Now you’ve got to manage it – otherwise everything you’ve done so far is for nothing !

This is how we did it……..
•    Daily calls before and after every sales call with each sales team member – 100% of the time
•    Weekly training session on the process / chosen steps – 100% of the time
•    Weekly conference call (nationally) to feedback / develop / evolve / make changes – 100%

Be open to feedback, and before you give your opinions, throw it open to the team – have a team group text (spreading good news daily when people sell using the process / spread great stories as soon as they happen) and have a group e-mail or similar forum for all members to post risk free their feedback & experiences – just watch this forum – and guide / steer towards positive development of the sales process – improving it little by little each week from the experience of your team, with your guidance). Involve all other people in the business, so they know how you SELL – they must know this and understand this ! They will start to see the sales team as their heroes ! You need that dynamic don’t you ?

There it is. What to do, why to do it, how to do it, when to do it, how we did it, and how you can do it too !

Don’t wait – implement now !

“Train like you’ve never won, sell like you’ve never lost”

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