Business Partner Programme

The British Chamber of Commerce brings you a fantastic opportunity to improve your management skills in collaboration with the Inspired Business Club and Inspired University from the UK.

We have prepared 6 modules we believe are a necessity for business owners and professionals. Each module is a 90 minute keynote workshop in English in an interactive format, delivered by the CEO and founder Sukhi Wahiwala.

Some of the testimonials:

“Even the most successful businesspeople need to restart from time to time, broaden their horizons, push themselves and their business forward. Mentoring with Sukhi is a great engine that shoots your business to a whole new level.”

“Sukhi is a great person, businessman, mentor and coach. I was trying to sort out a business problem for months, he helped me to sole it with one well aimed question.”

“Sukhi is one of the wisest and most inspiring people I met. He not only knows how to do successful business he can also teach it to others. And that is precious.”

Jaroslava Vaculčiaková , Antea Consulting                                             Consultant for Strategic PR and Political Marketing


“When I met Sukhi I felt extensive experience and deep respect. He simply answered questions I was trying to solve for couple of months. It was really fascinating that he could sense the real problem behind my questions even though I couldn’t see them.”

Stanislav Pittner,Project Manager, Startup Enterpreneur


„Sukhi is a great person, he perceives people from a higher perspective. His answers and advices are always very to the point. His training about business success was not the first one I attended, but now I took away practical learnings I actually use. I did the financial traffic light and optimised expenditures in my companies. I even stopped overbuying groceries. I also liked his view on bringing up children so they are successful.

Lucia Synčáková

General Manager, LAPIS IT


About Sukhi Wahiwala:                                         

  • “Sincere and constructive answers on various questions about work, business and family life.
  • Systematic, structured and optimistic businessman  
  • During our short talk he could really quickly estimate evaluate my personality type as well as my strengths and weaknesses.  
  • He proposed me steps to accelerate development of my activities. It was interesting that I didn’t tell him about my intentions and he confirmed what I was thinking about for months.”

Martin Mitura, Founder of


The sessions will be held at BritCham offices in Bratislava on last Tuesday of the month (except February) 8:30-10:00. Please call now to book:  Ms. Katarína Komorová 02/3266 1949 or

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