Branding Yourself As An Authority

Branding is VERY, VERY important. Today, the average consumer is spoilt for choices and only the ‘best’ wins. Now, you may not have the ‘best’ product in the world, yet you can position yourself as the ‘best’ with a few good marketing strategies.

What makes you different from the guy down the street? In order to succeed in whatever field that you are in, do you know that you need to establish yourself as some kind of authority on the product or service that you are providing?

People in the 21st century are inherently skeptical because there are a thousand and one other brands out there. It is much harder to acquire a new customer than it is compared to keeping an existing one.

When you have the expert branding, people are more likely to treat you as an authority and listen to every word you say rather than treating you like a sleazy salesman trying to get into their pockets.

Branding yourself also gives you tremendous CONFIDENCE! After all, when people listen to you and they take notes, you know you’ve hit the jackpot!

Here are just some things you can do to start creating that authority.

  • Create an e/book on your subject matter
  • Do Radio/Tv/Newspaper/ Youtube interviews
  • Get Top rankings eg dominate google
  • Blogging and guest blogging
  • Speaking on stage and get your self filmed

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