6 Secrets Of Persuasion!

Snapshot_20131118Good Evening Sales-Masters & A Very Healthy, Happy & Successful 2014 to you all ! Being part of our community is something I really value, and together we are going to be mutually accountable, and smash our goals in pursuit of our purpose ! With this in mind, and ahead of our next get together on Saturday 11th I just have to share this with you (The Science Of Persuasion) – why am I sharing this ? Well, so much of what I see on You tube or in blogs has mixed messages for me, like some really good content, but mixed with other content which is unhelpful – It’s rare I find something that Is bang on the nail in all it’s content ! This is one of those rare occasions…………

So, it’s only about 10 mins, but It’s already reminded me of some little golden nuggets that I had forgotten, and I know you will get value from it – After all, Now a great time to be re-inspired ahead of new year, and this 10 minutes will get your juices flowing again ! I promised I’d share value, and not wait until events, so start as I mean to go on 🙂 Feedback welcome ! PAUL

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