5 Fun Mind Games That Get You Selling Standing On Your Head!

“The Real Inner Game Of Selling!”

Do You Know what your sales purpose is ?

It Is To Serve Others by the way ! Glad we’ve Got that Clear !

Do you truly believe at the deepest level that you deserve to sell today?

Do you feel totally sold that you serve so well that they can’t afford NOT to buy from You?

Do you sincerely expect to sell if not?

If the answer to any of these questions is not a firm YES – then help is at hand!

Here are 5 proven strategies for success for mastery of your “Inner Game” to ensure that you are totally sold yourself on a daily basis. It takes 28 days to form a habit – So, do these things each day for 1 month and you will begin to unleash selling power you never knew you had !

1)      Write down your Goals for the day – The very Act of writing them down instructs the subconscious into finding evidence and means to bring it about ! Make them BIG – never be safe when setting sales goals, the bigger the better ! Make them R.E.A.L. Goals – R.esults (start with the end in mind, and be specific in terms of sales value, commission earn’t) – E.xperience (how much fun do you want to have today when you’re out selling?) – A.ttitude (How do you want to be thinking, feeling, acting and moving during today’s sales calls?) – L.earning (List what you want to learn during the course of the day, that you don’t know now?). Carry your written goals with you – or tap them into your phone on the “notes” screen and then screenshot it – save it as your wallpaper so your goals are right there in front of you every time you check your phone ! Review your goals for the day each evening – honestly – just for you – nobody else – how did you do? Congratulate yourself on goals achieved, and on doing your best for any not achieved – resolute to smash them tomorrow !

2)       Listen to your latest motivation audiobook purchase on the way to your sales calls. It is said that we become like the 6 people we spend most time with. So, if you spend at least an hour (preferably more) in the company of inspirational sales achievers / business leaders – people you most admire – when you are in your car, and in your spare time – taking a break, having lunch – they will sell you on your potential – you will start thinking like them ! How does this compare with listening to radio, news (all bad !), or simply sitting in silence, with the only dialogue being your mental chatter ? These alternatives are too risky – set yourself up for success by programming your mind for success ! Even when you may not think you are listening, the subconscious mind is taking in every word, and treating them as instructions so that it can do it’s job for you ! So, Invest in your own success conditioning !

3)      When you arrive at your sales call (15 minutes early, and with a shiny clean car, and pristine product samples and well organised sales aids and literature in the boot – all beautifully maintained and in perfect condition of course !) park away from the address a little. Take out a pen and clipboard (the clipboard you keep your customer fact find question sheet on). Get a blank piece of paper, and write down the sales process you are going to follow whilst in this call – bullet points only – either as a list, or as a circle – depending on your favoured learning style. As you write down each stage of the process that works for you – make notes of the things you need to remember, key points. Take this process all the way to the end of the sale, and through all the way to signing the deal, and consolidating the order. This again is an implicit command to the subconscious, it lays down a neural pathway for it to automatically follow. Your sheet can also now act as a reminder for you if you get taken off track – place it discretely behind your fact find question sheet.

4)      We’re almost there – but the best is yet to come – Now, you do want to be successful don’t you ? How much ? Ok, like “whatever it takes” ? Right – close your eyes, and play the DVD of the most successful sales call ever. If this was a movie, of the best sales athlete, making the perfect sale, for the viewing of the world’s sales community and the world  sales superstars convention – how would it look? Play the movie, all the way through, as vividly as you can, feeling how you will feel, in each moment, and take it to the very end. Capture the images and hold the feelings, and now you are well and truly set. This technique is employed by the top athletes and sports stars on the planet. It is also a technique used by the world’s most successful performer, athletes & even world leaders before facing the media and the public, and it’s also employed by the worlds top sales people !

5)      Your “Inner Game” is now 99% set up for success. You are “sold” on your own goals, vision and success; you have only 1 thing left to do to take your inner game to the highest possible level. This is the “flag in the summit” final 1% personal power trick. Focus on your PURPOSE for just 30 seconds immediately before you enter the sales call. Your purpose is why you do this – your wife, husband, children, your mum, your cat, your dog, your birthright, whatever your ultimate motivation is for professional salesperson – HOLD IT UP IN YOUR MINDS EYE NOW – and remember that these people / reasons are what you do it for ! Feel the pride, sense your worth to them, be proud of who you are and what you do – and get in there and FULFILL YOUR DESTINY !

28 days to form a habit – 1 month – follow this for 4 weeks one day at a time with no days off, before you judge – and as many before you – you WILL unleash selling power you never knew you had !

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